New Officers

Introducing our new EWB board for 2018-19:

  • President: Kaela Wong
  • Vice President: Elliott Lao
  • Project Leads: Jacob Ayala, Dana Haaker, Madeleine Turnberg
  • Secretary: Rachel Darling

2016-17 Aeroponics Project

During the 2017-18 school year, Engineers Without Borders decided to build an aeroponics system in Roger’s Garden at UCSD. Aeroponics is a method of raising plants where the roots hang in the air rather. Instead of receiving nutrients from the soil, a nutrient rich solution is sprayed onto the roots.

Under the supervision of project leads Niral Pathak and Sherina Malkani, interested students were split into three different teams at the beginning of Fall 2016. After an introduction to aeroponics, each team was to come up with their own design. The three designs would be judged, and all three groups would work on the winning design in the following two quarters.

The design competition was held at the beginning of Winter 2017. In the end, the project leads decided to merge the designs into a single one. The new design consisted of six trays arranged in a 2×3 pattern containing lettuce and other plants. The trays would be held up by a makeshift table on the reserved plot in the garden. The system would be powered by solar panels which would power a water circulatory system where nutrient rich water kept in an accumulator tank would be pumped through a filter, sprayed onto the plant roots, then collected at the bottom of the tray and send back to the tank in order to conserve resources. The circulatory system would include a pH and pressure regulator to maintain optimal conditions. Finally, two bins were kept on either side of the table – one to hold the tank, sensors and filters, and another to safeguard the solar batteries used to power the pumps.

Building the system started in the middle of Winter 2017 and continued on until the end of Spring 2017. Members of the group would meet every Sunday and slowly make more and more progress…