2018-2019 Officer Board

President: Kaela Wong

VP Internal: Elliott Lao

VP External: Jelena Veljanovska

VP Finance: Mark Barnes

Project Co-Leads: Jacob Ayala, Madeleine Turnberg, Dana Haaker, Joseph Martin, Amar Singh, David Lopez, Nan Yoo

Secretary: Rachel Darling

ISC Chair: Laura Rodriquez

Events Coordinator: Lauren Macatangay

Research and Assessment Coordinator: Moraa Ogamba



Project Overviews

Kenya International Project-Ka’chieng: Our water filtration project under Engineers Without Borders USA National Chapter is located in Kachieng, Kenya. This project aims to provide a local, clean source of water to a community in rural Kenya by collaborating with local drilling companies and nonprofits to drill a borehole that will provide a clean source of water.

Kenya International Project-Nakuru: Our *project in Nakuru, Kenya aims to purify water from a local sump (basically an open pit of water) for use by a community in the Nakuru region of the Rift Valley of Kenya. We are working in collaboration with NARUWASCO (Nakuru Rural Water and Sanitation Company) to implement a community level filter tailored by our Engineers to best suit the particular needs of that community.

*This project was received through contacts directly from Kenya and is therefore not EWB-USA affiliated.

Roger’s Garden Aeroponics Project: During the 2017-18 school year, Engineers Without Borders decided to build an aeroponics system in Roger’s Garden at UCSD. Aeroponics is a method of raising plants where the roots hang in the air rather. Instead of receiving nutrients from the soil, a nutrient rich solution is sprayed onto the roots.

Roger’s Garden Bioenergy Project: The Bioenergy project is a multi-part system that will use organic waste as a source for renewable energy. We have partnered with Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) to complete and optimize the performance of the system. ESW is working on the biogas digester that will create biogas and digestate.

Agua Pour Favor International Project: Our project in Tijuana, Mexico is non-EWB affiliated, as it is not sanctioned by Engineers Without Borders USA. This project is a collaboration with the UCSD Global TIES Baja Solar Water Heater team in efforts to provide a cheaper, more consistent source of clean water to an orphanage in the city of Tijuana.