2018-2019 Officer Board

President: Kaela Wong

VP Internal: Elliott Lao

Project Co-Leads: Jacob Ayala, Madeleine Turnberg, Dana Haaker

Secretary: Rachel Darling


Project Overviews

Project Lim(b)itless: Engineers Without Borders is collaborating with the UCSD McKittrick Research Lab and Albert Lin, a UCSD Alum and world renowned National Geographic explorer, to develop a more affordable prosthetic limb. We are looking for a group of organized, motivated, and dedicated students who are experienced in CAD, 3D Printing, Programming, 3D photogrammetry, manufacturing, or arduino to help us develop a completely 3D printed transtibial prosthesis. If you’re interested, apply for this opportunity through this link https://goo.gl/forms/JTGlCQCKOIFFAv5Z2 by Saturday, October 27 at 11:59 PM. Any questions can be directed to both ewb.ucsd@gmail.com and the project lead, Isaac Cabrera at iacabrer@eng.ucsd.edu

Kenya International Project-Ka’chieng: Our water filtration project under Engineers Without Borders USA National Chapter is located in Kachieng, Kenya. This project aims to provide a local, clean source of water to a community in rural Kenya by collaborating with local drilling companies and nonprofits to drill a borehole that will provide a clean source of water.

Kenya International Project-Nakuru: Our project based in Nakuru, Kenya is non-EWB affiliated, as it is not sanctioned by Engineers Without Borders USA. This project aims to purify water from a local sump in Nakuru, an urban area in the Rift Valley of Kenya. We are currently collaborating with the Nakuru Water Company to combine various methods of filtration and purification.

Roger’s Garden Aeroponics Project: During the 2017-18 school year, Engineers Without Borders decided to build an aeroponics system in Roger’s Garden at UCSD. Aeroponics is a method of raising plants where the roots hang in the air rather. Instead of receiving nutrients from the soil, a nutrient rich solution is sprayed onto the roots.

Roger’s Garden Bioenergy Project: The Bioenergy project is a multi-part system that will use organic waste as a source for renewable energy. We have partnered with Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) to complete and optimize the performance of the system. ESW is working on the biogas digester that will create biogas and digestate.

Agua Pour Favor International Project: Our project in Tijuana, Mexico is non-EWB affiliated, as it is not sanctioned by Engineers Without Borders USA. This project is a collaboration with the UCSD Global TIES Baja Solar Water Heater team in efforts to provide a cheaper, more consistent source of clean water to an orphanage in the city of Tijuana.